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One can walk to Asakusa from this hotel.
Additionally, there are buses near the bus station “Tear Bridge” to Tokyo Station,
Akihabara Station and Nippori Station. It is very convenient to take Shinkansen,
domestic flight and overseas flight as well.
There are also buses to Tokyo Sky Tree in Oshiage under hot discussion at present


  • For people who hope to save money by way of living here.
  • For people who need to move as early as possible or move out temporarily in advance so as to find a place for a long-term living.
  • For people who go on long-term or short-term business errands in hopes of spending less during the errand period.
  • For people who can not move away without guarantors.
  • For people who hope to live in various places.
  • For people who are not good at socializing.
  • For a person who lives a rather lonely and uneasy life.
  • For people who want to communicate with all kinds of people and make more friends.
  • For people who love to live a happy life with a lot of people and enjoy a comfortable and convenient life
  • For people who want to learn foreign languages and study.




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